Abby Johnson, Subject of “Unplanned”, Amplifies Her Baby’s Heartbeat With 4D Ultrasound in Times Square at “Alive from New York” Event

Abby Johnson, subject of the pro-life film “Unplanned,” amplified her unborn baby’s heartbeat for bypassers to hear as she underwent a 4D ultrasound in New York City’s Times Square.

“This is a baby. This right here is a baby,” Johnson said while patting her stomach. She appeared on stage on Saturday after the ultrasound and declared that “life is winning.”

“We will see a day when abortion in this country is unthinkable,” she added.

She was speaking at Focus on the Family’s “Alive From New York” event, set up as a reaction to the state’s controversial abortion legislation signed earlier in 2019.

The host of the livestream indicated that the ultrasound — broadcast on a large screen on the “Alive From New York” stage —showed the baby yawning.

Vice President Pence highlighted the ultrasound on Saturday with a tweet. “As Democrat Governors in NY & VA advocate for late term abortion & even infanticide – & Democrats in Congress refuse to allow a vote on the Born-Alive bill – TODAY in Times Square an ultrasound will be shown for all to see, demonstrating the miracle of life,” he said.

Johnson’s film, “Unplanned,” caused a media firestorm as it depicted the true story of her transition from director at a Planned Parenthood in Texas and eventually leaving to found one of the most prominent pro-life organizations in the United States. Johnson’s group helps clinic workers, like she was, leave their jobs.

“There is a lot of burnout in the abortion industry because promoting death is exhausting,” Johnson said on Saturday.

Kristina Hernandez, a spokeswoman for Johnson’s organization, confirmed to Fox News that her group helped at least 15 workers their jobs after the movie premiered.

Johnson’s demonstration came just months after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed controversial legislation that would allow women to have abortions up to the point of birth. That law, along with other initiatives, prompted criticism from the president during his State of the Union in February.

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SOURCE: Fox News, Sam Dorman