6 Secrets of Incredible Happy People

The snappy HappyOrNot terminals that are sweeping retail outlets around the world demonstrate that when customers are happy, sales soar. With  a simple press of a button, customers convey their satisfaction—or lack thereof—so that companies can adjust their performance to garner greater happiness responses from their clients.

Everyone agrees that being happy is a desirable goal. But its not always as simple to achieve as pressing a smiley face button.

“The emotion we call happiness is more of a bottom-up or inside-out experience than top-down or outside-in,” Heidi Hanna, Ph.D., executive director of the American Institute of Stress, tells Newsmax. “We need to connect with the basic things that really matter to us in a way that encourages the neurochemistry of positive emotion. When we strive for top-down happiness or outside-in happiness, we set ourselves up for a letdown. That dopamine high we get when we purchase a new car or get a promotion quickly drops when we’re in the hustle again.

“True happiness comes when we align ourselves with the things that bring us joy, which typically involves experiences with other people or time spent by ourselves in nature,” says the best-selling author of “The SHARP Solution and Stressaholic.”

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SOURCE: Lynn Allison, Newsmax