38-meter Long Transportation Slide in Spain Shuts Down Less 24 Hours After Opening Due to Injury Reports

A steep 38-meter long slide has been closed due to reports of multiple injuries, less than 24 hours after it opened in Spain.

The slide, which connects two streets in the Costa del Sol town of Estepona and has been dubbed the longest urban slide in Spain, was opened Thursday as part of the city’s expansion of the Los Ninos Park area.

It was intended to allow both children and adults to speed between Avenida Reina Sofia and Calle Eslovaquia in seconds, avoiding a ten-minute walk. The council also built a walkway down the steep verge for the less adventurous.

The slide, however, has a gradient of between 32 and 34 degrees and its users took to social media shortly after its unveiling to express anger and concern over the installation’s safety.

One user shared photos of her grazed elbows on Twitter after using the slide. “I went down it and I hurt myself everywhere. I flew two meters and the police started laughing,” she wrote on Twitter.

Another person said: “The slide in Estepona is crazy; a danger to citizens. People who go down it are mindless.”

A third person wrote on Facebook: “When the mayor of Estepona comes up with this great idea… I see the ambulance there every day.”

The city council subsequently announced Friday that it had ordered an “additional review and the preventative closure” of the slide.

It stated, however, that the slide’s security had been certified by the “specialist installation company” and that the council had placed instructions on how to use the slide safely next to the structure.

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SOURCE: CNN, Matthew Robinson