3 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

Buying a new watch can be a difficult choice if we consider the amount of opinions and comparisons that can be found about them. Here we do not list the watches you can buy but below are the 3 most expensive watches ever made by the Patek Philippe. From the price of the time piece you can judge a good deal about the company’s reputation. No one will be willing to spend few grands on a watch from a company no one heard of, but if the company’s watches are sold for too much money like millions of dollars you can bet that company knows how to make reliable mechanical watches.

Patek Philippe produce excellent watches sold for way over $10,000. The NAUTILUS family is very popular also worn by many celebrities, cost $25,200 with automatic movement. On this page you will find a list of most expensive masterpiece watches created by the company with the price they were sold on.

1. Grand Complication Caliber 89 Pocket Watch – $4 Million in 2009

The Caliber 89 is the most complicated watch that Patek Philippe has created. The factory presented it in 1989 when it celebrated its 150th anniversary. The clock from the initial drawings and plans to the final piece took 9 years to develop and manufacture. Its movement of 4 levels comprises 33 complications, among which are the perpetual calendar, the dawn time and the sidereal time, the Westminster carillon with four gongs, the Grand and Petite bells, the alarm, the thermometer and a tourbillon of Two minutes caged titanium. The movement itself contains 1,728 pieces finished by hand, 126 jewels and weighs 600 grams. Yes, that only the movement weighs!

A lesser known fact about Caliber 89 is that there are only four iterations, one in white, yellow and pink gold, and another in platinum. Shown above is the yellow gold version sold by Antiquorum for almost 4 million in 2009.

2. 1943 Reference 1527 Perpetual calendar – $5.50 Million

The Reference 1527 is the most expensive Patek Philippe wristwatch that has been sold at auction, this is only understood when it is revealed exactly why it managed to obtain that stratospheric price. First, it is the time it was made: between 1943 and 1944. It is not simply the fact that the clock was produced during World War II, but also that this particular piece of a class served as a foretaste. For the expert collector of Patek, this piece is a time machine: it’s elongated and slightly curved eyelashes, its dial design and its unusual large diameter for the 37.6 mm clock, all preceded other famous Patek references by at least one decade. Swiss Museum wanted to keep this watch due to its unique features and they won the bidding for this watch.

3. 1953 Heures Universelles 2523 Patek Philippe – $2.9 Million

Patek Philippe made the below gorgeous and expensive watch in 1953. The case of the watch is made with 18 karats of yellow gold. The enamel dial has the bright face. This watch comes with the entire map of North America. It prevailed for public at an auction. Americans appreciate this timepiece due to the map.

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