WATCH: Young Christian Leaders Say Comfort, Doubt, and Narcissism Are 3 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Evangelize Millennials

Young Christian leaders say comfort, doubt, and narcissism are some of the key issues keeping young people from the gospel.

The Gospel Coalition hosted a conference in Indiana this weekend that tackles the problems that come with evangelizing in the modern age. The conference featured a panel called “Youth Are Not the Future: The Urgent Task of Evangelism Today.”

Stephen Um, senior minister of Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston, spoke on the panel and argues young people are addicted to comfort.

“They don’t want to be challenged with anything that will make them feel uncomfortable. So they believe that somebody who disagrees with them is a potential threat to them. We used to call that ‘intellectual inquiry,'” he said.

Um added that people in the United States are “so consumed with comfort” it has lead to the “oversafetyism” of youth.

Meanwhile, author and ex-lesbian Jackie Hill Perry said she believes today’s youth is plagued by an “addiction to doubt.”

She often sees young people “wrestling for the sake of wrestling, but never really wanting to come to a conclusion on something that you have to now submit to.”

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Source: CBN