WATCH: Parents Outraged After Ohio Pastor Allows Children to Hit, Spit on Him, and Cut Him With Steak Knife to Illustrate Easter Message

A pastor in Pataskala, Ohio, had members of the public reacting with shock and disgust this week after a video of him allowing children in an after school program to hit, spit on and even cut him with a steak knife to illustrate a message about Easter.

A recording of the message shared on Facebook by Lola Hatfield, shows part-time pastor of Impact City Church, Jaddeus Dempsey, being spat on by several young boys who then later slap him repeatedly in the face without any reaction from the pastor.

Dempsey then removes his shirt and picks up a steak knife and offers it to one of the boys and tells him to cut him “gently.”

This request however was met with an incredulous “Are you serious!”

The pastor insisted that he be cut however until one of the boys steps up and draws the blade across his back.

One parent, whose son is featured in the video, said she got a call from a friend warning her about what was happening at the church.

“The guy who is in the video turns around and grabs the knife and he hands it right to my son,” the parent identified only as Mandy told 10TV.

She said she and her husband Josh rushed to the church to pick up their son because they found the event inappropriate.

“He was upset. He thought he was in trouble. When I explained to him I’m not upset with you, I just want you to know that the things that happened here wasn’t OK,” Josh said.

The church’s lead pastor, Justin Ross, in an appearance with Dempsey, later apologized for the incident in a video message on Facebook Monday.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair