WATCH: Jentezen Franklin Says ‘If America is Destroyed, It Will be Destroyed by the Pulpits of America Being Silent’ — and We at BCNN1 Say ‘Amen’!

On Palm Sunday, Fox & Friends invited three Christian leaders—Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Pastor Todd Wagner and Pure Flix’s Billy Hallowell—to discuss recent Barna Group data that found half of pastors worry about offending congregants with their sermons.

“You do feel pressure, but I do think it’s impossible not to speak to issues that are facing our culture that are so strong,” Franklin said. “You know, many of these issues are seen as political, but they’re really biblical. Pro-life is not political; it’s biblical. Pro-Israel is not political; it’s biblical. Justice and equality is biblical. So I can’t be silent on those issues, and I’m not there for the approval of people. I think that’s something that we need in the pulpits again in America.”

Later, Franklin urged pastors not to let America fall into decay because they feared controversy.

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SOURCE: Charisma Mag, Taylor Berglund