Unexpected Amount of Rain Fills Up the Shrinking Sea of Galilee

April showers bring May flowers, but in Israel, they’re filling up the Sea of Galilee.

After years of drought, Israel is experiencing an unexpected amount of rain.

The rain is especially abundant in the Galilee, where the biblical lake rose by 12 inches over the last four days, according to Israel Water Authority.

On Monday, the Galilee was 3.6 meters away from being full.

The long drought forced Israel to turn to other sources of drinking water and discouraged fisherman from fishing there.

“The lake is the main thing that characterizes our life here from every point of view in my opinion, although today, unfortunately, we cannot make our living from fishing,” Uzi Welish told CBN News.

Israel also used technological innovation to pump water back into the Galilee.

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Source: CBN