The Reason Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church is Because Their Selfish Baby Boomer Parents Didn’t Really Take Them to Church

There are many people blaming the millennials for a whole lot of negative things, one of them being not being as spiritual or attending church as much as previous generations — or actually abandoning the church.

The main reason why millennials are leaving the church is because of selfish baby boomer parents and grandparents who never really took them to church as the previous generations did. You say, ‘Well, I took my children to church.’ No, you took them to the nursery, to the gymnasium, to Patch the Pirate, to the playground, or to Awanas so you could concentrate on the real church service. You took them to a place on the church grounds where all they did was play, flirt, and mess around while you were in the real church service not really knowing what your children were doing.

The old saints took their children to church and had them sit beside them. If you listen to recordings of sermons from the ’50s, ’60s, and even the ’70s, you will hear a baby crying every now and then because back in those days there was no such thing as a nursery. All parents had to be responsible for their children, including their babies, and they had to train them well at home so they would behave in public.

For the most part, millennials have never been in church because baby boomer parents and pastors got rid of them so they wouldn’t “disturb” God’s services. The most selfish generation in the history of America is baby boomers, and they didn’t take their children to church because they didn’t want to be bothered with them especially since they were not raising them right at home in the first place and they didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the other saints.

The only thing older generations can do now to reverse this trend is commit themselves to prayer that God will bring their children and grandchildren back home to Him.

–Luke Jeremiah