Ron Edmondson: Develop Where You Are

I’ve seen so many potentially great leaders waste opportunities because they were waiting for the perfect scenario before they began to develop as a leader.

A few scenarios:

They don’t enjoy where they are currently in life or work so they think there is nothing to be gained where they are now.

They aren’t in their dream job so they don’t look for the learning potentials in their present situation.

They don’t respect the leader they are supposed to follow so they close themselves off from learning anything—whether good or bad—from him or her.

They don’t plan to stay in their current work location for long, so they fail to use the time for personal growth opportunities.

They don’t enjoy the people with whom they work, so they burn bridges and miss building future relational connections.

They are waiting for the “right” opportunity, so they never give their best effort to their current opportunity—not realizing their “off-paper” resume (what others say about them) is often more important than what’s on paper.

What a mistake!

Here are a few things I’ve learned by experience:

There is no guarantee your next location will be any healthier.

There is no guarantee your next leader will be any stronger.

There is no guarantee your next will like it any more.

If you don’t work well with the people you are currently working with—what if the problem is more you than them?

You may end up being in a worse opportunity. The grass, which appears greener on the other side, often turns out not to be.

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Source: Church Leaders