New Jersey Woman Pleads Guilty to Scamming $400,000 From Donors on GoFundMe After Concocting a Sham Story About a Homeless Veteran who Spent His Last $20 on Gas for Her When She Ran Out on the Highway

Katelyn McClure pleaded guilty in New Jersey on Monday for her role in scamming 14,000 donors out of $400,000 with the use of a feel-good tale involving a homeless man buying her gas. McClure (right, inset at top, and inset at bottom on the right) concocted a feel-good tale with her former boyfriend Mark D’Amico (inset at bottom in the center) about the homeless man Johnny Bobbitt (inset at bottom on the left) rescuing McClure from the side of a highway to obtain scam GoFundMe contributions. McClure will serve four years in state prison and must repay the $400,000 under the deal. Bobbitt was sentenced on Friday to five years of probation. D’Amico has denied wrongdoing.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail