Michigan Health Center Accused of Stopping Senior Citizens From Telling Children About Christmas

Two residents at a Michigan-based senior living center claim that the center’s employees violated their first amendment rights at a Christmas celebration last year.

According to the Christian Post, The First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center on Thursday, outlining the allegations made by the two residents and calling for the center to take corrective action.

The Christian Post reports that the incident took place when children from the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center Child Development Center and Preschool’s Great Start Readiness Program visited the Kalkaska Senior Living Center on December 6, 2018. Residents at the Senior Living Center read Christmas stories to the children. The letter mention’s that a resident read Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” without interruption.

Later, Wilma Wills read a book about Christmas traditions to the children. When she finished reading the book, she asked them if they knew “why we celebrate Christmas. One of the Child Development Center teachers interrupted and said, “We won’t go there, Wilma.”

Joan Wilson read “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to the children. When she arrived at the point of the story where Linus quotes from the Gospel of Luke, Wilson tried to summarize that part of the story. The letter alleges that a teacher interrupted her, canceled the visit, and escorted the children out before Wilson could finish the story.

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Source: Christian Headlines