Measles Case Hits Google’s Headquarters in Silicon Valley

A worker who visited one of the buildings at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters has been diagnosed with measles, according to an internal email from a staff doctor sent last week and cited Wednesday by BuzzFeed News. “A Googler who was in Charleston 1295 on Thursday, April 4, has been diagnosed with measles,” the email said, noting that the advisory was “just a precaution.” Some employees told BuzzFeed that they didn’t get the email; the source who passed the message on to BuzzFeed speculated that it may have only been sent to people who work in, or had recently been in, the building that the infected worker visited. It’s not clear how many people work in the building, although BuzzFeed reports that it’s the home office for some executives. The email comes as Google’s subsidiary, YouTube, has been widely criticized for stoking the ongoing measles crisis by allowing anti-vax messages to spread on its platform.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast