Man Who Threw 5-Year-Old Boy Off Mall of America Balcony Was ‘Looking for Someone to Kill’

Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda / AP

The man charged with hurling a 5-year-old boy off a third-floor balcony at Minnesota’s Mall of America admitted to investigators that he went there specifically “looking for someone to kill,”  according to a criminal complaint.

Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, 24, of Minneapolis had copped that he “planned to kill an adult, because they usually stand near the balcony” when he went to the mall last week on Friday morning, but he instead set his sights on boy victim Landen Hoffman.

Aranda also admitted to police that he had frequented the Bloomington mall for several years and made efforts to talk to women at the mall, “but had been rejected, and the rejection caused him to lash out and be aggressive,” according to the complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court on Monday.

The deranged suspect “acknowledged repeatedly in his interview that he had planned and intended to kill someone at the mall that day and that he was aware that what he was doing was wrong,” the complaint said.

The victim’s mother told police that she was with her son, a friend, and her friend’s child on the third floor of the mall outside of the Rainforest Café shortly after 10 a.m. when the strange man approached them.

Aranda had come “very close to them,” so the mom “asked if they were in the way and should move,” the complaint said.

That’s when the suspect “picked up the victim and threw him” roughly 39 feet off of the balcony to the first floor before he took off running.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Natalie Musumeci