Louisiana Black Church Arsonist Holden Matthews Posted on Social Media About How He Couldn’t Stand ‘Brainwashed’ Baptists and Included Songs About Burning Churches

Accused church arsonist Holden Matthews used a second Facebook account to make comments claiming Baptist worshipers were “brainwashed people” days before his arrest in the arsons of three historically black Baptist churches in his St. Landry Parish community.

Originally reported by CNN, the secondary account was listed under the name Noctis Matthews. An acquaintance of Matthews’, Nygyl Bryyn, confirmed to the outlet the account belonged to Matthews.

The Acadiana Advocate reviewed comments, photos and posts on the Noctis Matthews account and confirmed photos posted from the account match existing photos of Matthews. Additionally, the account lists the user’s location as Opelousas, Louisiana and describes the user as “a metal fan to the bone. Born in 1997, raising hell ever since.”

Matthews was an Opelousas resident and was born in September 1997, according to arrest records and court documents.

In a post comment from February 2017, Matthews says he created the Noctis Matthews account after his other Facebook profile was banned for 30 days. It’s unclear why his profile was blocked.

Using this second account, Matthews commented on an April 6 post about “Afrikan spirituality,” saying he “can’t stand all these Baptists around here, bunch of brainwashed people trying to find happiness in a religion that was forced on their ancestors just as it was on mine. I wish more blacks people would look into ancient beliefs of pre Christian Africa.”

Four days later, Matthews was arrested as the primary suspect in the three church arsons. The three churches burned were St. Mary Baptist Church in Port Barre on March 26; Greater Union Baptist Church in Opelousas on April 2; and Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Opelousas on April 4.

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SOURCE: The Acadiana Advocate, Katie Gagliano