Ken Harrison: Why Evangelism is Right

I sat down recently for a conversation with Greg Stier, the founder and CEO of Dare 2 Share. If you’re not familiar with the ministry, you really should check it out. It’s one of the most effective platforms I’ve seen to teach people how to witness for Christ. Greg was raised by a single mother in a violent inner-city home and understands firsthand what happens when the power of the Gospel takes hold in a troubled family.

A recent article in Relevant Magazine carried this headline: “Report: 47% of Christian Millennials Believe Evangelism Is Wrong.” Greg’s story bears witness to just how right evangelism really is, and why Promise Keepers is so committed to it.

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Ken: What caused you to get so passionate about sharing your faith and training others to share their faith?

Greg: When I was a kid, I was raised in a violent inner-city home, and many of my uncles spent time in jail. On Friday night mom used to say, “Hey, wanna watch cops?” We would literally follow cop cars to the scenes of the crimes. Sometimes, though, they were on their way to our house.

I come from a broken family. I never knew my biological father. A preacher from the suburbs evangelized in the city on a dare and reached the toughest of my uncles with the gospel. When that happened, the rest of my uncles fell like dominoes. I watched the utter transformation of my family by the power of the gospel.

So as a kid I said, “I’ve got to spend the rest of my life training others to share the Good News of Christ.” I witnessed the power described in Romans 1:16: “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone it believes.” I think so many times we underestimate the power of the Gospel to change our lives, change communities, change this nation and change the world.

I was the result of a short-term relationship. I never met my biological father. When my mom found out she was pregnant, she drove all the way from Denver to Boston by herself to have an illegal abortion. It was before Roe v. Wade. My grandparents somehow found out and pleaded with her, “We know you’re pregnant. Come back and have that child and we’ll help you raise him.” I didn’t know why when I was a child, but often my mother would look at me and just start crying. My grandma told me years later it was because my mom felt guilty. “Every time she saw you, she thought of that almost abortion,” she said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ken Harrison

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