John Piper Open to Accepting Cremation Under Certain Circumstances

Notable Bible teacher and founder John Piper argued that cremation can sometimes be an acceptable practice.

In an episode of “Ask Pastor John” posted to Desiring God on Monday, a listener inquired about the practice of cremation in relation to donating one’s body to science.

In the past, Piper has stated that while he is critical of cremation, he does support donating one’s organs to science after death.

A listener specifically asked the Bible teacher his opinion on whether cremation was an acceptable practice after a person had given their organs to science.

“I’m a nurse at the local university medical center, and I’m considering donating my body to them when I die. After they harvest organs and tissues, the rest of the body is cremated,” inquired the person.

“I’m seeking your wisdom on this situation. (1) Is it virtuous for Christians to donate their organs and tissues for medical use? (2) Is cremation less of a concern in such a situation?”

Piper answered “yes to both of those questions” provided that “the heart is humble and trusting God’s mercy rather than proud and seeking to score points with God and man.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski