John L. McCullough: What is Next for Trump’s Anti-Immigration Agenda After Departure of Secretary Nielsen?

This is an emotional picture about the immigration policies of the united states

It will come as no surprise when President Trump continues his anti-immigrant agenda, ignoring well-established U.S. asylum law and putting children and families in harm’s way even after Secretary Nielsen’s abrupt departure. We know that President Trump forced Secretary Nielsen to resign to find someone willing to enforce even more cruelty at the border. The question now is what unchecked harm he will unleash after the purge of the Department of Homeland Security is complete.

He gave us a preview of those plans on Friday when he sent a chilling message to refugees from Central America seeking safety in the United States: “The system is full. We can’t take you anymore… Our country is full… Turn around.” Speaking directly to the camera, his message was both cruel and clear: I do not care what hell you went through. Turn around and go back.

I’ve read these words before. I’m sure you have too. We know the story of a pregnant woman and her husband, looking for a safe place to rest, escaping from cruelty in their homeland, being told “there’s no room for you.”

The story of Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus is the founding story of my Christian faith, and it powerfully demonstrates that there is always room for the outcast and the migrant. As Americans and as people of faith, we know that vulnerable families knocking on our door and seeking protection are not a border security crisis — their story and how we respond is a test of our humanity.

Trump is saying “go back” to the mothers, fathers, and children walking north to seek protection through the legal process known as asylum. He’s saying “go back” to the men, women, and children his administration is incarcerating in jails and cages and stowing away like trash under a bridge. The families he has separated who are still trying to find each other; the children who have died while in U.S. custody; these are not examples of hapless neglect. They are examples of deliberate cruelty.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, John L. McCullough