Jamal Bryant and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Join With Rapper T.I. and VH1’s Scrapp DeLeon To Bail Out 23 Nonviolent First-Time Offenders

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, along with notable rapper T.I. and VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop” personality Scrapp Deleon, helped to bail out 23 nonviolent, first time offenders for Easter.

The Georgia-based megachurch began raising money for the bailout earlier this year when the holy season of Lent began. The goal had originally been $40,000.

However, New Birth far exceeded that goal and raised around $120,000, using the money to help bail out seven women and sixteen men by Easter, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

“It’s like a whole new clean slate,” said one of the recipients to Fox. “I was doing drugs before I got locked up … but I don’t want to do nothing but do right and strive to be a model citizen for my kids.”

In addition to giving out the money, New Birth’s bailout program will also include regular check-ins with the offenders who benefited from their charity.

Jamal Bryant, lead pastor of New Birth, stated in comments reported by The Telegraph that he “could not be prouder of my New Birth family for answering the call and affirming that everyone deserves a second chance.”

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Source: Christian Post