Elizabeth Woning: Blocking LGBT-Identified People from Seeking Professional Counseling to Change Their Lifestyle is Cruel and Controlling

Bills like Maine’s LD1025 that ban so-called “conversion therapy” discriminate against those of us who find ourselves with the LGBT experience but do not believe allegiance to that culture is consistent with our faith.

There are many of us who have “come out” who understand our experience through the lens of personal history. Applying our faith, we have uncovered brokenness, past abuse or even simply misperceptions about ourselves. Far from destructive, our journeys away from embracing LGBT in our lives—sometimes partnered with counseling—have been fulfilling. When surrounded by loving and supportive family and community the decision to walk away from LGBT culture has been life-giving. For many it has been a pathway into wholeness.

Blocking LGBT-identified people who seek to live according to their personal convictions from professional counseling is cruel and controlling. There are many paths to fulfillment when one experiences LGBT, but bills like LD1025 seek to narrow our choices to only one that a relatively small number of people believe is ideal.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Elizabeth Woning