Christian Stephen Baldwin Criticizes Brother Alec Baldwin for Signing Petition Against Georgia Abortion Bill

Actor Stephen Baldwin called out his more famous brother Alec Baldwin on Monday after the older sibling signed a petition in protest of Georgia’s pro-life “heartbeat bill.”

The legislation, H.B. 418, which passed the state Senate late last month, would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detectable, usually somewhere between six and seven weeks into pregnancy.

Immediately after lawmakers advanced the bill, actor Alyssa Milano, known best for her role in the late 90s series “Charmed,” launched a petition, encouraging Hollywood stars to use their influence to push film and TV production out of Georgia, which has been referred to as the “Hollywood of the South.”

One of the petition’s signatories is Alec Baldwin.

Stephen Baldwin admitted Monday he has avoided directly rebuking Alec Baldwin because he “trusted God.” Following Milano’s letter, though, he felt compelled to speak out:

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Source: CBN