Christian Home-Schooling Parents Concerned After UK Government Announces Plans to Put Children on a Register

Christians are asking why there needs to be a register of children taught by their parents, as Damian Hinds says it will be to check on those not at school, if their education is solely religious, or inadequate.

A register of all children not attending school is being put forward by the Education Secretary.

Mr Hinds said on Tuesday: “The term ‘home education’ has now acquired a much broader meaning than it used to. It is now a catch-all phrase, used to refer to all children not in a registered school.

“So whilst this does include those actually getting a really good education at home, it also includes children who are not getting an education at all, or being educated in illegal schools where they are vulnerable to dangerous influences – the truth is, we just don’t know.

“As a Government, we have a duty to protect our young people and do our utmost to make sure they are prepared for life in modern Britain.

“That’s why this register of children not in school is so important – not to crack down on those dedicated parents doing an admirable job of educating their children in their own homes, but to prevent vulnerable young people from vanishing under the radar.”

Parents will be responsible for registering their child under the plans, the Government said.

The proposed measures will also aim to increase support for home-educating parents, with local authorities required to provide teaching resources or financial contributions to exam fees.

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SOURCE: Premier, Cara Bentley