Barna Study Shows That a Deep Relationship With the Bible Leads to a More Meaningful Life

The American Bible Society‘s annual “State of the Bible” study conducted by Barna Group, has affirmed that a deeper relationship with the word of God is the pathway to a more meaningful life.

Other results also found by Barna Group researchers include:

• 21 million new people are looking to the Bible for wisdom and guidance this year.
• 14.9 million people who were disengaged in 2018 have chosen to return and interact with the Bible.
• 9.9 million “Bible-centered” adults have decreased their level of engagement with the Bible since last year.

Taken together, these changes have led to a swelling in the ranks of the so-called “moveable middle” to 41.6 million adults, those people who interact with the Bible looking for practical advice for their modern lives.

The study shows that Bible-engaged people are more financially generous than those who are unengaged. Volunteerism also increases with Bible engagement. Beyond financial contributions, Bible-engaged people are more generous with their time: 57 percent of Bible-centered adults are inclined to be more generous with their time, compared to just 2 percent of the Bible-friendly and 3 percent of the Bible-neutral.

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Source: CBN