118 Million in Path of Severe Thunderstorms, Possible Tornadoes in South, Midwest, Eastern U.S.

The severe weather outbreak, including the threat for tornadoes, will extend through the nighttime hours, bringing a heightened risk to those in the path through Friday night.

The unfolding outbreak will be the second in less than a week for portions of the South, Midwest and the East. At least two dozen states are likely to be hit with severe thunderstorms during this week’s outbreak.

While the number of tornadoes produced by this setup may be lower than the more than 60 twisters produced this past weekend, all it takes is for one tornado to strike a populated area to threaten lives and cause great property damage.

At least nine people died in the storms last weekend, including three children.

Nocturnal thunderstorms with high winds and tornadoes are especially dangerousas there is the risk that people will sleep through warnings and some others may not hear the dangerous storms coming.

This severe weather threat, like the one spanning this past Friday to Monday, includes the full spectrum of potentially damaging and dangerous phenomena ranging from high wind gusts to large hail, flash flooding, frequent lightning strikes and tornadoes.

The storms will hit as travel, outdoor plans and religious services ramp up as the Easter holiday approaches.

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SOURCE: Alex Sosnowski