WATCH: Kelly Rowland Reveals Moment During Her Time With Destiny’s Child That She Knew God Made Her for More Than Just Winning Awards

Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Rowland revealed the moment during her time with Destiny’s Child that she knew God made her for a much bigger purpose than accolades.

Her testimony was recently featured on Hillsong Channel’s new TV show “Now With Natalie,” a six-part series in which wardrobe stylist Natalie Manuel Lee sits down with Christian celebrities who share about their faith, what they wrestle with and their purpose in life.

While pop culture icons are often “immortalized through accolades, awards and the devoted attention of fans” but Rowland explains that life is much more than that.

The singer said it was at Israel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, where she first knew singing was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Rowland joined the choir and sang her first solo at age five.

“As a kid, I just wanted to sing and I wanted to make my dream come true,” Rowland told Lee during a sit-down interview for the Christian channel.

In the episode, Rowland spoke of the time she was on tour in Europe with the internationally acclaimed girl group Destiny’s Child and they sang their rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer.” She witnessed the impact it had on little kids who were crying at the foot of the stage and it shifted her focus.

“We felt such a great responsibility. I felt like this is really what we are here for,” she explained. “You give people purpose through song but then when you’re able to see them in a show and you see their lives are touched by things that you say, or something you’re singing and it’s your personal faith and you’re able to share that with fans, that’s kind of remarkable.”

“That’s when you feel like you’re at the right place at the right time. I know that what He has me here for is bigger than the records and awards and everything else.”

Rowland, a founding member of Destiny’s Child, has had No. 1 hits and multiple Grammy awards but Rowland said all of it is fleeting.

“You have people that want to be your friend, people that probably want to use you… It’s such a rush. It’s so many things going on at one time. Destiny’s Child days was like a blur to me because it was so many things happening at one time,” she admitted due to her hectic schedule.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law