WATCH: Former Gang Member Emeal “E.Z.” Zwayne Tried to Commit Suicide in Front of His Family Before God ‘Radically Transformed’ His Life

Emeal “E.Z.” Zwayne | Screenshot: Pure Flix

Emeal “E.Z.” Zwayne was once a troubled teen and gang member who attempted suicide in front of his own family — but his life radically transformed after a chance encounter when the Bible instantaneously changed his heart. Years later, he’s a dynamic speaker who has executive produced Christian films and reached millions of people with the gospel.

Zwayne, president of California-based Christian ministry Living Waters, has a fascinating life story. He was born in Lebanon in 1975, but his life nearly ended well before his birth.

Abortion is illegal in Lebanon, but Zwayne’s mother had received two abortions prior to his conception with a doctor’s permission. She planned to seek a third abortion when she became pregnant with Zwayne, but then her doctor suddenly refused.

“As she sat in the doctor’s office that day literally waiting to end my life, the doctor just looked over at her … and just simply said to her, ‘I’m not going to let you do this one,’” Zwayne recently told’s “Pure Talk.” “I almost didn’t make it.”

Now, Zwayne is a well-known Christian leader who has gone on to make influential films, including the popular “180” movie streaming at, which combats abortion. Watch him describe his stunning personal story below:

Zwayne is slated to be a central fixture in the sponsored Answering Atheist conference (April 17-21) this Easter at the Ark Encounter attraction in Williamstown, Kentucky. It’s a conference that promises “four days of solid biblical teaching to equip you to stand confidently on God’s word.”

It’s perhaps most fascinating to juxtapose Zwayne’s stature as a respected Christian leader with his past life as a young and troubled gang member. Zwayne hit some major snags in his teen years after immigrating to the U.S. with his family in 1980.

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SOURCE: Christian Post;, Billy Hallowell