Michael Brown: The Collapse of the Southern Poverty Law Center

There was a time when the “Southern Poverty Law Center” (SPLC) was widely respected for its courageous work. Oppressive hate groups like the KKK had no greater enemy than the SPLC. The SPLC stood for justice, for righteousness, for the rights of the poor and the downtrodden.

As expressed on the SPLC website, “Alabama lawyer and businessman Morris Dees sympathized with the plight of the poor and the powerless. The son of an Alabama farmer, he had witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of bigotry and racial injustice. Dees decided to sell his successful book publishing business to start a civil rights law practice that would provide a voice for the disenfranchised.”

This was a sacrificial and courageous act. Dees would swim against the tide of societal prejudice, putting aside personal gain for the sake of “the disenfranchised.”

To quote again from the SPLC site, “I had made up my mind,’ Dees wrote in his autobiography, A Season for Justice. ‘I would sell the company as soon as possible and specialize in civil rights law. All the things in my life that had brought me to this point, all the pulls and tugs of my conscience, found a singular peace. It did not matter what my neighbors would think, or the judges, the bankers, or even my relatives.’”

That was a long time ago.

Long before the SPLC had accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in its coffers.

Long before liberal outlets like the Washington Post ran articles stating that, “The SPLC Has Lost All Credibility.”

Long before the SPLC attacked Muslim reformers who exposed radical Islam.

Long before the SPLC blacklisted mainstream, family-oriented, Christian ministries and organizations.

Long before the SPLC had the blood of Christians on its hands.

Long before the SPLC had itself become the most dangerous hate group in America.

Long before Morris Dees himself was fired for alleged internal “mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and racism.”

Little wonder that conservative outlets like Fox News have run articles claiming that, “The Southern Poverty Law Center is a money-grabbing slander machine.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown