Houston Dog Zero Dies While Protecting His Family After 16-Year-Old Boy Shot Up Birthday Party

A Houston family says their beloved dog prevented what could have been a bloodbath in their home when it bravely fought with a teenage gunman who wounded several members of their household and eventually took their dog’s life during a birthday party.

“I honestly believe if Zero had not kept jumping on him, he would’ve been able to get shots higher than our legs,” Laura Martinez, owner of the killed dog, Zero, said in an interview with Click 2 Houston. “This is not something we would ever think was going to happen.”

Local police say on Sunday, March 10, shooting suspect Javian Castenada, 16, attacked Martinez and her family with a gun during the party.

“If [Castenada] had been able to just aim where he wanted to shoot, we would have all been seriously hurt, or killed,” Martinez told Oxygen.com.

Martinez told the publication that she was shot in her right leg while her son, Tyler Hollier, 19, was struck in the ankle and her daughter, Valori Pace, 27, was shot twice. One of the bullets she says is currently lodged an inch from her daughter’s spine and can’t be removed.

In a GoFundMe campaign seeking to raise $40,000 to help pay for her family’s medical bills, Martinez explained that a day before the shooting, Castenada, a family friend, had broken into her home and stolen cash and other valuables.

Martinez said she went to Castenada’s home to report the theft to his parents but they were not there so she left them a note.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair