Here We Go: Vancouver City Council Cuts Public Funding from Canada’s Oldest Rape Crisis Center Because They Don’t Allow Males Who Identify as Female to Enter Certain Areas

The Vancouver city council has voted to cut public funding from Canada’s oldest rape crisis center because they refuse to allow trans-identified males into spaces specifically reserved for female victims.

Vancouver Rape Relief, which was founded in 1973, was defunded because they were “supporting transphobia,” according to city council member Christine Boyle, who in a March 13 tweet explained that she was voting to strip the organization of public funds because she could not support an organization that was not “inclusive” of transwomen and sex workers.

Transgender advocates celebrated the vote as they have long considered the nonprofit group as a hub of bigotry toward persons who identify as transgender.

The rape crisis center said in an statement online that they were the victims of discrimination masked as “inclusion” and said the city government was attempting to “coerce us to change our position” of barring males and only offering services to females, the National Post reported earlier this week.

“Our services are available to all women who have experienced male violence. We provide assistance to women and girls in prostitution who have been assaulted by johns, pimps or men pressuring them into prostitution. We provide assistance to women who are currently being prostituted, women who are trying to escape prostitution, and women who have been trafficked into prostitution,” VRR explained.

“Being girls and women in this world often impacts both how we look and how we act in private and in public; what we are allowed to do, encouraged to do and rewarded for; and also what we are discouraged from doing, prohibited to do or punished for.”

The Christian Post reached out to VRR for comment on this article and was referred to their online statement.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter