Everyone Knows That Michael Jordan Is the Greatest Basketball Player of All Time, Not LeBron James

Image via Getty/Kent Smith

From their identical jersey number to their respective on-court dominance, the once-in-a-generation talents of Michael Jordan and LeBron James will forever be tied together. As a result, there is a lively debate between sports fans over who is the NBA’s true G.O.A.T. This led one company to put their computers to work and create a survey that they hope will silence all the arguments.

Business Insider G.O.A.T. Graph
Image via Business Insider

Earlier this month, Business Insider teamed up with SurveyMonkey Audience to construct a poll that features some of the biggest names in NBA history to answer the question, “Who is the greatest basketball player of all time?” Dominating the top of the list was Michael Jordan. According to BI, 66 percent of their responders think that His Airness is the best player to grace the hardwood. That put him light years ahead of the number two response, LeBron James, whom only 10.4 percent of people think is the G.O.A.T.

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Source: Complex