‘Day of Mourning’ to be Held in Richmond, Virginia, to Protest Proposed Legislation to Legalize Infanticide

Anti-abortion marchers rally at the Supreme Court during the 46th annual March for Life in Washington, U.S., January 18, 2019. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts – RC1D0A3A5F10

A grassroots movement of repentance inspired by pro-life advocates as a response to the push to liberalize abortion laws in states across the country will be holding a gathering in Richmond, Virginia, on Saturday to fast and pray.

What is being called the Day of Mourning will be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center largely because of proposed legislation by Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran that mirrored New York’s new law legalizing abortion up to birth, and Gov. Ralph Northam’s words defending it.

Northam, a Democrat elected in 2017, said in a radio interview amid the controversy over Tran’s proposal that a “discussion” would take place about the child’s fate should the child be born alive during an abortion procedure, which shocked and horrified many. A massive outcry ensued as a result, and pro-life advocates and Republican politicians who blasted him for supporting infanticide.

“Have we already forgotten that Virginia Governor Northam advocated for executing already born full-term babies?” asked Elizabeth Johnston (also known as The Activist Mommy), one of the event’s organizers, in comments emailed to The Christian Post on Monday. “Have we already forgotten that New York Governor [Andrew] Cuomo and his friends at Planned Parenthood celebrated child murder by lighting up the World Trade Center pink? Is our commitment to our unborn neighbors so fickle that we have already allowed our righteous anger to subside?”

“The Day of Mourning movement will not stop at mourning. We are prepared to mobilize the thousands of Day of Mourning attendees to move off the sidelines and onto the front lines of the abortion battle,” Johnston said.

“As David, the shepherd boy, challenged the naysayers, ‘Is there not a cause?'” she added, referencing 1 Samuel 17 prior to the slaying of Goliath.

The first Day of Mourning event took place in Albany, New York, on Feb. 23 and the Richmond gathering is patterned after it. Approximately 4,000 people were in attendance and tens of thousands joined via livestream. For the Richmond event organizers are asking Americans to wear black on April 6, and to fast, pray, and repent for the sin of abortion, according to a press release sent to CP.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter