Covenant Theological Seminary Affiliated With Presbyterian Church Says It Will Not ‘Endorse, Promote, or Have a Role In’ Revoice Conference

A theologically conservative seminary affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America recently stated that it will not be supporting the Revoice conference.

The first annual Revoice conference, which centered on giving support to gay Christians who want to adhere to biblical sexual ethics, was held in St. Louis, Missouri, last year and drew criticism from some conservative Christians who argued that it was advancing an LGBT agenda and promoting the idea that sexual orientation is fixed.

Jay Sklar, vice president of Academics at Covenant Theological Seminary and a professor of Old Testament, was one of the speakers at the 2018 Revoice gathering.

Clarifying the seminary’s stance in a video released last week, Covenant President Mark Dalbey stated that his school will neither support this year’s Revoice conference nor will any of its staff take part.

“As to the Revoice conference, Covenant Seminary does not endorse, promote, or have a role in the Revoice conference. We do not agree with all of the views that were shared or taught at the Revoice conference,” Dalbey said.

“Covenant Seminary does not advocate for queer theology, Covenant Seminary does not teach that a person should identify as a gay Christian, and Covenant Seminary will not have any of our faculty speaking at the 2019 Revoice conference.”

Dalbey took issue with individuals he did not name who had, as he put it, engaged in “slanderous attacks” against his seminary over the Revoice controversy.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski