Chris Watts Reportedly Agreed to Give Details About Murdering His Pregnant Wife and Two Daughters After He Discovered God in Prison

Speak up: Chris Watts agreed to open up about the events that led up to the murders of his pregnant wide and children after discovering god in prison, claim lawyers (Watts and his family last March)

It seems that Chris Watts’ decision to finally share the details of how he killed his pregnant wife and two daughters may have something to do with divine intervention.

The killer dad, 35, who is currently serving three life sentences behind bars has discovered God in prison according to members of the legal team for the family of his deceased wife.

‘We don’t believe that he has been offered anything, or that here is anything that could be given to him or traded,’ said one of the lawyers about Watts decision to speak with authorities.

‘So I think it is the jailhouse religion. Our understanding is that he is now remorseful, and he’s found God.’

Behind bars: The details of that interview will be released on March 7 along with audio from the meeting

Steven Lambert, who is the head attorney for Shanann’s family in the wrongful death lawsuit they have filed against Watts, said he is shocked by the admitted murderer’s demeanor.

‘We’ve had a few different conversations with him. It’s almost eerie how normal some of the conversations go with him, and I don’t know exactly what that’s about or anything,’ said Lambert.

‘He’s been very forthcoming. It’s almost like calling a neighbor.’

The lawyers also say that Watts is ‘friendly,’ and appears happy to be hearing from them in prison.

Watts agreed to a plea deal in the murders that spared him a lengthy trial and the death penalty but put him behind bars for three life sentences.

But authorities do not believe he has ever given a truthful account of what happened that night.

He was interviewed again about the deaths by agents from the FBI and CBI as well as a member of the Frederick Police Department last month.

‘The night in question Shanann came home. She and Chris had got into a fight. They made up. They were getting along really well,’ said Lambert.

‘Later on, they got into a fight again. In that fight he essentially confessed to having an affair, that he wanted a divorce. That it was pretty much over between them, and she had said something to the effect of, “well you’re not going to see the kids again.”‘

Lambert then added: ‘As a consequence of that conversation he strangled her to death.’

He also says that Bella witnessed the aftermath of the killing, as Watts was wrapping her mother’s body in a blanket.

He says: ‘She’s four… she was quite smart and knew something was up. What he said was “mommy is sick and we need to take her to hospital to make her better”.’

Lambert suggested that Celeste and Bella were not murdered until they arrived at the site where authorities eventually found their bodies.

‘He walks over and takes Cece’s favorite blanket and smothers her to death.

‘At that point, Bella says: “Please, daddy, do not do to me what you just did to Cece,”‘ said Lambert.

He added: ‘And then he killed Bella.’

Breaking it down: Dr Phil (above on his show Tuesday) spoke with the attorney for Shanann Watts’ family, who shared information about the deaths of Shanann, Celeste and Bella Watts
Final resting place: ‘He walks over and takes Cece’s favorite blanket and smothers her. At that point, Bella says: “Please, daddy, do not do to me what you just did to Cece,”‘ said Lambert (Celeste, Bella and Shanann’s grave above)

‘Personally, I think the worst for those girls – it’s a 45 minute drive, if he did load them onto the floorboards, like we have been led to believe,’ said Lambert.

‘Obviously the question becomes how much were Bella and Cece aware of what might have been happening in those 45 minutes on that drive to where their bodies were placed?’ attempted to see if the CBI or FBI might be able to confirm any of these claims, but neither agency responded to request for comment.

Watts spoke with agents from the FBI and CBI as well as a member of the Frederick Police Department on February 18, though what exactly was said during that meeting has not yet been shared with the public.

The details will be released on Thursday, and now many are speculating as to what it could mean for the case and if it might bring some closure following the tragic deaths of Shanann, Bella and Celeste.

The interview was conducted at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin, where Watts was transferred back in December.

It is unclear however if he is still there, or if he may have leveraged his interview with authorities to be moved to another facility.

Authorities do not believe that Watts ever gave a factual account of what happened the night of the murders. He only confessed to murdering his wife Shanann, claiming he did this in an act of rage after she murdered their two young daughters.

Watts had claimed he saw the couple’s daughter Bella dead in her bed and Shanann in the process of strangling Celeste on the baby monitor.

Local police and the FBI did not believe that, and ultimately charged the father with three counts of first-degree murder after deliberation, two counts of first-degree murder of a child under the age of 12 and by a person in a position of trust, three counts of tampering with a deceased human body and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Chris Spargo