‘Captain Marvel’ Rises to Second Best 2nd Weekend in March With $70 Million

Studios don’t enjoy playing into a Disney/Marvel movie, nor do they enjoy playing in the wake of one, and with Captain Marvel staying strong with a $69.3M second weekend, -55%, per Disney, most of the wide entries —Wonder ParkCaptive Stateand Five Feet Apart –are essentially counterprogramming or intended for those who’ve already seen the Brie Larson tentpole (specifically older males, young kids and teenage women).

With that weekend result, Captain Marvel owns the second-best second frame in March after Beauty and the Beast’s run two years ago, which drew $90.4M, and ahead of 2010’s Alice in Wonderland ($62.7M). Friday’s results of $19M put Captain Marvel past $200M with a running total by EOD of $266.2MThat figures surpasses the lifetime U.S./Canada cumes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($203M), Thor: Dark World ($206M), Venom ($214M), Ant-Man and The Wasp ($217M), Logan ($226M), Justice League ($229M), Doctor Strange ($233M), X-Men: Days of Future Past ($234M), X-Men: The Last Stand ($234M), Captain America: Winter Soldier ($260M) and The Amazing Spider-Man ($262M). As our film finance sources called it, Captain Marvel sits at $760M WW through 12 days, which propels the pic past profitability in the theatrical window off total production and P&A costs of $300M.

Saturday’s business for Carol Danvers was +55% over Friday with $29.4M.  Imax currently reps $22.5M of Captain Marvel‘s running domestic total.

According to Screen Engine/ComScore’s PostTrak, more women came out this weekend for Captain Marvel than last weekend, with significant jumps in the female under-25 demo (27% vs. last Saturday’s 19%). Overall, females are at 47% versus last weekend’s 42%. A solid four stars and 68% definite recommend in weekend 2 exit polls.

Social Media entertainment data corp RelishMix says that Captain Marvel‘s social media universe has jumped over 113M followers in one week to 833.8M, with the bulk of that coming from 44M YouTube views “in which fans and critics alike are debating the merits of Marvel, where she fits in with the rest of the MCU, and what worked/didn’t work for them.”

“The movie has also benefited from 5.8M new Facebook views across 18 new clips (not including the smart inclusion of the new Endgame trailer). And that’s worth noting – it is nearly impossible to discuss Captain Marvel without also talking about how the character will fit in next month’s Avengers Endgame finale to this Phase of the MCU. Now that Marvel is out, theories and discussions abound even more than they were prior to open,” reports RelishMix.

“Conversation remains super-mixed as superfans of the movie are on a high – and they’re making plans to go see it again. However, there are Marvel Fans who chime in with, ‘I liked it, it was good, but not my favorite Marvel film…’  In other words, the brand is so strong that moviegoers who are even kind of on the fence likely turned out to see it because they’ve always had fun at Marvel movies. This result bodes very well for future Marvel films, which may show middle-of-the-road social activity, but are benefiting from the brand recognition alone,” added RelishMix.

Also a note here about box office projections: Last weekend, when early weekend estimates for Captain Marvel went from $160M to its final actual of $153.4M, that’s not a bad thing, and par for the course in the statistical realm of B.O. projections, especially when weekend results are that high. Had Captain Marvel dropped from a $100M-plus take down to $80M or $90M like a Justice League or Solo: A Star Wars Story, then that’s bad and indicates a severe case of front-loading. The fact that Captain Marvel landed in the high $60Ms this weekend is great. Seriously, no theater chain owner is complaining about the results from Captain Marvel. This weekend’s ticket sales are the second best for a No. 1 pic to date in 2019.

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Source: Deadline