Adam Greenway Lays Out ‘Big-Tent Vision’ for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Adam Greenway, in his first chapel sermon as Southern Seminary president, said he intends “to help reinvigorate and to retell the great legacy of our seminary for a new generation.” SWBTS Photo

“I believe Southwestern Seminary historically has been at its best when it’s been known as the big-tent seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention,” Adam W. Greenway said in his first chapel sermon as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, March 21.

Evoking the imagery of big-tent revival meetings, Greenway laid out his vision for the seminary’s future, explaining that just as a tent has four pegs, so Southwestern Seminary holds to four points of conviction and commitment — a high view of Scripture, the Baptist Faith and Message, the Great Commission, and cooperation.

Greenway, who holds an M.Div. from Southwestern, was unanimously elected as the seminary’s ninth president during a Feb. 26-27 called trustee meeting at the Fort Worth, Texas, campus.

“I think it’s important to say even in the midst of uncertain, changing, transitional times, some things ought never to change,” Greenway told the chapel audience. “I don’t come in with some radical new vision and complete discontinuity from the glorious 111-year history of the crown jewel seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“If anything, I believe the Lord called me here to help reinvigorate and to retell the great legacy of our seminary for a new generation. That is my passion and my desire as a Southwesterner.”

Addressing the seminary family as well as prospective bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students attending Experience Scarborough, Experience Southwestern and Research Southwestern events, respectively, Greenway assured the audience that if they find themselves in alignment with these four pegs — a commitment to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture; the convictions laid out in the Baptist Faith and Message; preaching, teaching, evangelism and missions; and a spirit of cooperation with one another and especially with the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention — then Southwestern is “a home for your heart. This is the seminary for you.”

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Source: Baptist Press