Abortionist Who Claims He is Doing God’s Work Denies Wrongdoing After Being Accused of Sexual Assault by Abortion Activist Candice Russell

Christian abortionist Dr. Willie Parker. | Photo: Facebook

Willie Parker, a prominent abortionist who believes he’s doing God’s work, denied sexual misconduct allegations this week from Texas-based reproductive rights activist, Candice Russell.

Russell alleged in a piece published on Medium Sunday that Parker, whom she accused of being a “predator,” sexually assaulted her after they shared a bottle of wine in his hotel room.

“Eventually I found out that I wasn’t an exception to some rule but a repeated pattern. Eventually I learned about you,” Russell wrote in the piece where she suggested that the abortionist’s behavior is well-known among the reproductive rights community.

Responding on Medium this week, Parker said he was “surprised and disappointed” by Russell’s decision to paint a “consensual” sexual encounter as assault.

“While surprised and disappointed that she has described the mutual decision to have a sexual encounter as a situation where I took advantage of her while she was intoxicated, this allegation does not square up with the facts,” Parker wrote about the activist he met on a flight in 2015.

“I don’t have to call her a liar. Every person who feels like they have been wronged has a right to be heard. As I listen to the story that she published, it bares no resemblance to what transpired. I won’t rewrite her story. I’ll just state what I know in response to what she has described,” he added.

Parker, who said he’s never drank alcohol in his life, countered Russell’s claim that he intentionally didn’t drink the night he had sex with her while she was supposedly drunk.

“I have never seen Candice drunk, including on the night we had sex. If she met up with me when I was in a city convenient to her to meet up, she was driving. I would have never ridden with someone who was drunk,” Parker said.

“On the evening that she is describing that we had our only sexual encounter after corresponding in a mutually flirtatious manner by text for over a year-and-a-half, when she came to my room, she walked under her own power, neither her speech or motor functions were impaired, and she self-invited to stay,” Parker continued.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair