2 Survivors of Florida School Shooting Commit Suicide Within Days of Each Other

Florida leaders are sending more mental health resources to the Majory Stoneman Douglas High School community after two Parkland shooting survivors killed themselves within a week of each other.

On Saturday, a Parkland sophomore became the second shooting survivor in a week to end their life, according to Coral Springs police. Just days before, another survivor named Sydney Aiello also committed suicide.

Aiello’s mother told CBS Miami that her daughter suffered survivor’s guilt after the 2018 shooting and had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. The Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office said Aiello died from a gunshot wound.

The two suicides drew calls for Florida lawmakers to devote more money to mental health services for the Majory Stoneman Douglas High School community.

“Now is the time for the Florida Legislature to help,” said Jared Moskowitz, Florida’s emergency management director and a former state representative from Parkland.

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Source: CBN