What’s the Difference? Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Says Black Actors in Broadway’s Hamilton is ‘Cultural Appropriation’ While Defending Joy Behar’s Blackface Photos

Joy Behar was slammed when photos resurfaced of her in dressed up as an African American woman for Halloween

A Fox News host has said that using black actors to play white roles in Broadway show Hamilton is cultural appropriation.

Laura Ingraham also defended comedian Joy Behar and said she was ‘not racist’ after blackface photos resurfaced of her.

Speaking on The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast, the talk show host questioned the use of black actors to play historical figures who were white.

The original cast of the show had Leslie Odom, Jr. and Christopher Jackson, who are both both black, as politicians Aaron Burr and George Washington.

The conversation came up after she and guest Raymond Arroyo had been discussing Laurence Olivier’s much heralded work playing the titular character in the film version of Othello.

For this role, Olivier painted his entire body black.

‘They wouldn’t be able to do that today,’ noted Ingraham.

‘They would say you would have to have an African American doing it.’

Ingraham then asked: ‘Is that not culturally appropriating the other race?’

She went on to state: ‘If it’s just about cultural appropriation, does it only go one way? That’s interesting, I didn’t think about that Hamilton thing until just now.’

Ingraham then state that she ‘loved’ Hamilton’ and had no problem with the role reversal.

‘ I think it’s fine, I think it’s all cool. Switch it up,’ she said.

Ingraham also defended The View co-host Behar after she was slammed when photos appeared of her in dressed up as an African American woman for Halloween.

She said: ‘I will say to my last breath that Joy Behar as represented in a Halloween costume, a costume about an African woman is not a racist. OK? She’s not a racist.

‘And to say that she is now or two-and-a-half years ago…is absurd.’

And Ingraham also said that we now can no longer ‘celebrate someone in costume’.

It comes as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is under intense pressure to resign after a photograph was found in his medical school yearbook showing a man wearing blackface standing next to another wearing a KKK costume.

Initially, Northam said he was one of the people in the picture, but then backtracked, claiming that the photo was put there without his knowledge.

At a news conference, he admitted to putting shoe polish on his face while impersonating Michael Jackson at a 1984 dance contest.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Sophie Law