WATCH: Pastor Jamal Bryant Encourages Couples to Stop Making Excuses and Tie the Knot by Hosting Citywide Wedding Celebration at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Jamal Bryant of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, is focusing on the Black family as he takes the reins of the historic Atlanta Church.

Bryant was reportedly selected as the new head pastor last month from a pool of 138 candidates to head the mega church which once boasted 25,000 members.

The number of people in attendance at the Sunday services have been growing steadily since his arrival and the dynamic minister rolled out a special surprise to celebrate #BlackLove in February.

In an Instagram post last week, Pastor Bryant said: “The marriage is more important than the wedding! Too many couples are saying they can’t afford it so @newbirthmbc is removing the excuse. We are providing free gowns tuxedos and reception this SUNDAY…contact church to register and for our premarital counseling class.”

Many followers were so intrigued with Bryant’s plan that they donated gowns, rings, shoes, and tuxedos for the couples intending to get married.

And this past Sunday, Bryant hosted The Vow (A Citywide Wedding Celebration), where the proud pastor officiated a mass wedding for several couples.

The viral video of a portion of the service has garnered over 40,000 views!

Bryant posted about the successful service that united several couples with a tweet celebrating #BlackLove.

SOURCE: The Grio – Ny Magee