WATCH: Gateway Church Opens New Campus at Largest Maximum-Security Prison in Texas and Over 500 Inmates Accept Christ as Savior in First Service

Inmates at the Coffield Unit, a maximum security prison in Anderson County, Texas, worship during a church service. They are part of the newest campus for Gateway Church of Dallas, Texas. (Gateway Church)

Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas has announced an unconventional location for the church’s newest campus: The state’s largest prison.

On Sunday, Morris told his congregation, “We have a new campus. And you’re gonna be really surprised.”

He then shared a video revealing that in November, the church launched a new campus at the Coffield Unit in Anderson County, which houses over 4,000 criminal offenders. More than 650 inmates attended the megachurch’s first service, and over 500 men made decisions to follow Jesus.

“Gateway has really impacted my life because a lot of us do not have visits, and you guys comin’ in here and sharing y’alls love to us has really impacted our life,” one of the inmates says in the video.

Morris revealed that Stephen Wilson, an ex-offender who went to seminary school and has been ministering in prisons for years, will serve as the Gateway Coffield campus pastor.

“We welcome you guys and we love you. We are your brothers and sisters in Christ,” Morris said amid applause. “We’re excited that we have a campus there now.”

According to Fox News, the Coffield Campus runs like any other church campus, with inmates serving as greeters, ushers, operating the sound, video, and audio, and leading the worship team.

Over the next two years, the church reportedly plans to open ten prison campuses within 100 miles of existing Gateway campuses. Additionally, there are small groups at every Gateway campus for families of the incarcerated.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett