Turkey Threatens to Invade Northeast Syria, Endangering Christians and Other Minorities

When President Donald Trump first announced US troops would leave Syria, it sent shockwaves through the region. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to invade northeast Syria where a number of ethnic minorities, including thousands of Christians, live.

The people of this region saw almost immediately the effect of President Trump’s announcement.

“The impact of the withdrawal of the US forces is mainly because the Turks have started threatening us,” Ahmed Mousa, SDF Commander told CBN News.

One proposal is that Turkey would control a 20-mile security zone all along the Turkish Syrian border.  For many people, that would lead to a disaster.

Many Christians fear military action against them.

“Most of our Christian people live in this area and if any military operation happened in this area, it will be a real fear on our people,” explained Abdelahad Gawriye of the Syriac Union Party.

Yet Erdogan insists on this security zone.

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Source: CBN