Trump to Appeal to Evangelicals With Tough Talk on Late-Term Abortion in State of the Union Address After Democrats in New York and Virginia Backed Ending Termination Time Limits

Democrats who worry they’re in for a border security lesson on Tuesday night, may want to prepare for a lecture on late-term abortion from the president, instead

Democrats bracing for a border security lesson on Tuesday night may want to prepare for a lecture on late-term abortion from the president, as well.

President Trump is expected to rail against bills in Virginia and New York that would relax legal restrictions on the practice in his State of the Union address, the White House indicated on Friday.

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway suggested, in response to a question from on the theme of Trump’s speech, that the president would denounce the measures in the primetime address.

‘I’m not going to tell you what’s in the speech – I’ve seen it – but maybe he’ll ask Democrats, in view of the new news, why do you object to the Pain-Capable bill that non-partisan scientists say a baby can feel pain after the twentieth week,’ Conway said.

Politico also reported that White House sources were saying it would be a topic.

Conway said that Trump would be highlighting bipartisan efforts like criminal justice reform and praising the economic gains the nation has seen under his presidency.

But she indicated that he’d also tackle the controversial issue of late-term abortion.

‘Now we’ve got, we’ve got governors, and state legislators in many places, but most illustratively, and recently, in New York in Virginia, saying that a baby can have his or her life snuffed out of it, out of him or her … after 20 weeks. I mean this is who we are as Americans?’ she asked.

President Trump touched on the issue this week in a tweet but has said little else on the topic.

‘Democrats are becoming the Party of late term abortion, high taxes, Open Borders and Crime!’ he said on Thursday morning.

He said later on Thursday that a theme of his State of the Union address will be ‘unity’ — and he will praise Republicans for sticking by him over the course of his last year in office.

‘I think it’s unification, I think it’s industry, I think it’s about the people that you see right here,’ he told reporters from the Oval Office.

Trump quickly pivoted to an attack on Democrats for refusing his pleas for a border wall and then back to the topic of unity in the next sentence as he gave reporters their first look at the Tuesday speech.

‘The problem is the Democrats, you know when they say, we don’t want to build, as an example, we don’t want to build a wall, because it doesn’t work or because it’s immoral,’ he charged.

Bringing up House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that a wall is ‘immoral,’ he said that allowing Americans to die at the hand of violent immigrants is also unacceptable.

‘Well it’s also immoral, the people that come into our country that shouldn’t be here and kill people. That’s immoral, too. That’s a lot more immoral,’ he claimed with no build-up.

He added, as he got back on topic: ‘But I really think it’s going to be a speech that is going to cover a lot of territory but part of it is going to be unity.’

Asked Friday by about the assault on the opposing party, seconds after he said he wanted to spark unity, Conway said, ‘Well the president, of course, is going to be a unifying figure. He is the leader of the country.

‘And he is certainly the leader of the country at the State of the Union. It’s his opportunity once a year to look the American people in the eye, cut out the middle man — respectfully, until the panels talk afterwards — to convey to them, many things they don’t hear throughout the year.’

She mentioned the January jobs report that dropped earlier on Friday. Companies created more jobs the first month of the year than forecasters expected.

‘The record of accomplishment, the facts and figures of his great economy, today with 304,000 new jobs created, well above the line of 70,000 that were projected. So, he will say things like that, showing the economy’s strong,’ she said.

As part of his bid to spark ‘unity’ he will talk about criminal justice reform, prescription drug legislation and other issues on which ‘Republicans and Democrats have proven they can come together and work toward a common purpose of serving the American people,’ she stated.

‘He believes border security is a non-partisan issue that should have bipartisan solutions,’ she added. ‘And I don’t think that the speaker of the House, respectfully, sounds very unifying, most days she sounds like a cable news pundit … She doesn’t sound like a unifying figure.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Francesca Chambers

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