There’s a Devil Loose: Plano, TX, Man Gets 13 Years in Prison for Offering $50 to Have Sex With Another Man’s 13-Year-Old Daughter

A Plano man was sentenced Friday to over 13 years in prison for agreeing to pay another man $50 in exchange for sex with the man’s 13-year-old daughter.

Bradley James Matocha II, 31, responded to an online ad asking if any local men would be available to help his daughter “learn the ropes,” according to a federal criminal complaint.

Matocha told the undercover Fort Worth officer who’d posted the ad that he’d be “happy to help” and that the chance “was like a dream come true,” according to the complaint.

When the detective also asked for $50, Matocha responded: “For what? … I thought I was already helping you two out.”

The two agreed to meet at a Jack-in-the-Box in Fort Worth, where Matocha was arrested.

After serving his sentence, Matocha will be required to remain under supervision for another 20 years.

SOURCE: Sara Coello
Dallas News / Dallas Morning News