The Movement to Abort Full-Term Babies is a Murder Movement

Pastor Arthur L. Mackey Jr.
Pastor Arthur L. Mackey Jr.

by Arthur L. Mackey Jr.

I am deeply troubled upon hearing of our New York State Assembly, Senate, and Governor Andrew Coumo successfully pushing through the Reproductive Health Act Law which permits abortions right up to the point of a human child’s birth. This type of procedure is murder pure, plain, and simple. As many of us in the civil rights and human rights community are faithfully fighting daily against the evil trinity of racism, classism, and sexism fueled by the practices and policies of President Donald Trump and too many spineless Republicans. We cannot allow political distractions to cause disconnections. We cannot be silent regarding the current demoralizing Democrat agenda to legalize recreational marijuana and legalize abortion right up to birth across the landscape of America.

On Christ not the Republican Party. On Christ not the Democratic Party. On Christ not the Independent Party. On Christ the solid rock we must stand. For all other ground is sinking sand. People of faith across the entire landscape of America must come together as a true Christ Centered Coalition. A Christ Centered Coalition that unifies across all political party lines, and makes sure that the votes of people of faith are not taken for granted by our elected government leaders. The New York State Reproductive Health Act Law dangerously moves forward way beyond a women’s legal right to choose. Into the extremely dangerous realm of outright murder of a fully developed baby.

When the Doctors meidically adviced my very own Mother to abort me to save her own life. Because I was stuck in her fallopian tubes and she faced death. My Mother, Rev. Dr. Frances W. Mackey, and my late Father, Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Mackey Sr. believed God. With the help of their Doctors my parents thoroughly researched the matter medically, and had the Doctors at Mercy Hospital, a Catholic hospital in Rockville Centre, New York, to literally surgically move me forward from my Mother’s fallopian tubes, and successfully place me in the birth canal. Where by the grace of God I moved forward through my Mother’s birth canal, through the trial and tribulation of my Mother’s tremendous birth pains and was born. THE PLANNED SYSTEMATIC STATE BY STATE MOVEMENT TO LEGALIZE THE ABORTION OF FULL TERM BABIES IS A DEADLY MURDER MOVEMENT.

Pastor Arthur L. Mackey Jr.
Senior Pastor
Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral
243 Rev. Dr. A. L. Mackey Sr. Avenue
Roosevelt, New York, 11575
516 939 5679

Arthur L. Mackey Jr.’s is the author of A Mindset for Change.