Some Australian Teens Are Defying Their Anti-Vaxxer Parents by Getting Vaccinations in Secret

Lucy Nicholson/REUTERS

Some Australian teens are rebelling against their anti-vaccine parents by secretly getting immunizations against potentially fatal infections, according to the Courier Mail. Youth in Queensland who are age 15 and older can use a state law to get medical care without their parents’ consent or knowledge. This includes getting vaccinations. Physicians have referred to these teenagers as “Generation V,” the newspaper notes. The immunization rate in the region is a mere 88.93 percent, dramatically lower than Australian health officials’ desired national rate of 95 percent. Reports of these teens defying their parents anti-vaccine beliefs come amid a measles outbreak in Portland, Oregon, attributed to low immunization rates. Some anti-vaxxer parents believe that the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine is linked to autism, a claim that has been widely debunked.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast