SNAP is Glad to See More Catholic Priests Being Exposed for Sexual Abuse

A network of people abused by priests is optimistic that more Catholic leaders will come forward in naming the accused.

On Friday, the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana released the names of three dozen clergy members it says were credibly accused of sexually abusing children or vulnerable adults.

One day earlier, Catholic leaders in Texas identified 286 priests and others accused of sexually abusing children.

“This is a really important step for dioceses to take, and I think it’s a really good thing to do both for the healing of current survivors,” says Zach Hiner, executive director of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP).

Hiner adds that few victims of sexual violence come forward, but when they see someone who may have abused them being listed publicly, it gives them courage and lets them know that they’re not alone.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Chris Woodward