Revolutionary War Soldiers’ Remains Found at Construction Site in Upstate NY

The skeletal remains of as many as 11 individuals believed to be Revolutionary War soldiers have been uncovered at a construction site in upstate New York, the Associated Press reports. Michael Borgos, the attorney for the property owners, said the unmarked graves were found in an empty lot in the Adirondack village of Lake George. The bones were reportedly found by a construction crew last Thursday, who stopped construction and called authorities. Police brought on local archaeologist David Starbuck, who determined that the uniform buttons on some of the skeletons came from the Continental Army’s 1st Pennsylvania Battalion. The battalion invaded Canada in 1776, and smallpox broke out while U.S. troops were fighting in Quebec. Sick soldiers reportedly went south to Lake George to get better at hospitals, though the exact locations of those hospitals are unknown.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast