Parents and Police Denounce ’48-Hour Challenge’ Where Teens Try to Disappear from Their Family for at Least 48 Hours

Rumors of a new social media game called the “48-hour challenge” in which teenagers try to disappear from family for at least 48 hours has stirred outrage from parents and police departments alike.

The “48-hour challenge” involves teens running away from home and cutting off all contact from their family for two days before returning. Reportedly, as part of the game, a participant scores points for each social media post about them missing.

Parents Magazine denounced the social media challenge in a recent online article, calling the purported dare “beyond disturbing.”

“With so much tragedy in the world today, it’s hard to believe kids would even want to participate in such a morbid undertaking, one that will put their loved ones through so much fear and pain. But they are,” wrote Hollee Actman Becker of Parents.

“Which is why you need to sit down and have a serious chat with them about this challenge now. Let them know that it’s not OK to participate in something like this, and that doing so could put them—and others—in serious danger.”

Many in the United States and Europe have issued warnings about the social media challenge, demanding that teenagers refuse to participate.

For example, police in Missouri have warned that any teenager found to be performing the 48-hour challenge may face charges, according to

Officer Joe Silva of the Stockton Police Department in California stated last week that the challenge was “extremely dangerous” and might “take officers away from dealing with real emergencies.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski