One-Handed Seahawks Linebacker Shaquem Griffin Meets Fan With Same Condition

In his rookie season, Seahawks LB Shaquem Griffin – the first one-handed player ever selected in the NFL Draft – has taken the time to speak with and inspire many young fans dealing with similar obstacles.

Julianna Linton also has amniotic band syndrome, the exact same condition that forced Griffin to have his hand amputated. In Linton’s case, she lost her entire arm.

But their connection goes beyond just the medical similarities. Linton actually received treatment at the University of Central Florida during the time that Griffin played there. The pair met up then, and she instantly became one of his biggest fans.

So when Seattle drafted Griffin, Linton sent her hero a video to wish him good luck in his NFL career — wearing her UCF cheerleading outfit, of course. Shaquem made sure that turned into a reunion, this past Sunday when the Seahawks concluded their regular season with a win over the Cardinals.

“She sees that Shaquem doesn’t let anything get in the way,” her father Clark Linton said. “She sees someone that is a football player, not a one-handed football player.”

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Source: Yahoo! Sports