Netherlands Allows Refugee Family to Stay After Church Held 96-Day Service to Stop Deportation

A Netherlands church band together to stop the deportation of an Armenian family, and after 96 days of prayer, the government is allowing the family to stay.

According to NBC News, the Bethel Church in The Hague welcomed the Tamrazyn family into their church and then held a 96-day prayer service to prevent them from being deported. Netherlands’ laws prohibit police from entering houses of worship while services are underway, so, as long as the church was participating in a service, the Tamrazyns were safe from deportation.

Relevant Magazine reports that after more than three-month of prayer and worship, the service finally ended on Tuesday when the country’s Cabinet decided to allow the Tamrazyns and several other families who were rejected for permanent residence to stay in the country.

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Source: Christian Headlines